ESO Summerset Alinor Building Blocks

Build your own patio! The new furniture plans contain many new building block-type recipes. Below is a sample of plans from Summerset, which can be used like building blocks. Alinor Wall, Stone Corner Alinor Wall, Stone Long Alinor Post, Stone Wall Alinor Bowl, Shallow Limestone Alinor Bowl, Stemmed Limestone Alinor Column, Slender Timeworn Alinor Display … Read more ESO Summerset Alinor Building Blocks

ESO Summerset Psijic Skill Line Fast Leveling Guide

Helediron Blog feature: Summerset

This guide shows how to grind Psijic skill line. This is dense, just series of wayshrine, image and short description to find rifts for grinding. Tip: you can level up the skill line in group. If someone closes a rift, everyone in group who is closer than 500 meters gets it. The light paths each … Read more ESO Summerset Psijic Skill Line Fast Leveling Guide

ESO Refining – Summerset PTS

Helediron Blog feature: Summerset

No changes in refining, when tested in PTS a week before release to PC. Still getting close to 5% drop rate of golden mats (i.e. one golden from 20 refines, 200 raw mats). [bctt tweet=”Summerset testing of refining raw materials: no change in drop rates. #Summerset #ESO @TESOnline”] Refining statics in PTS before Summerset 2018-05-16

ESO Summerset new jewelry furniture recipes

Scrimshaw Jewelry Box - Verdant Oval

New Summerset jewelry furniture recipes: small figurines, High Elf chalices and goblets, and scrimshaw (ivory) crafting. Here are preview screenshots of the recipes available in PTS 2018-05-05 and the recipes themselves. There are small figurines, many different high elf chalies and goblets and scrimshaw items which look like ivory. [bctt tweet=”Summerset new jewelry furniture recipes: … Read more ESO Summerset new jewelry furniture recipes

ESO Crafthouse has moved – fourth time

Helediron Blog feature: Quests

My crafting house has moved from Observatory Prio to Coldharbour Surreal Estate. Previous one grew tight and would not have been able to squeeze in all the new stations coming with Summerset update. The Coldharbour Estate is essentially a very large flat, empty area. In the middle is flat tiling area for set crafting tables. … Read more ESO Crafthouse has moved – fourth time

ESO Summerset new motifs

Helediron Blog feature: Summerset

New motifs fished out from PTS client: 58:Fang Lair, 59:Scalecaller, 61:Psijic, 62:Sapiarch and crown store-only Tsaesci, 64: Pyandonean. Motif Information This information is picked from PTS patch notes 4.0.0 .. 4.0.3 . Fang lair and Scalecaller are new motifs which will be available in their corresponding dungeons. Psijic Order, Sapiarch and Pyandonean will appear in … Read more ESO Summerset new motifs

ESO Summerset Jewelry Crafting, Basics

Helediron Blog feature: Jewelry Crafting

Jewelry crafting will be very much similar to what blacksmithing, woodworking and clothing is now. It extends crafting to last gear items player wear but were earlier always drop items. Now all gear can be crafted. Please read first ZOS’ own article about jewelry crafting. This article skips mostly what’s in there. There is a … Read more ESO Summerset Jewelry Crafting, Basics

ESO Master Writ Drop Rates 2018-04

Helediron Blog feature: Crafing

These are master writ final statistics from Dragon Bones update, representing one very good crafter doing all six writs every day over three years. That is over 1100 days and over 7000 writs made. This test nails down definite results for writ drop rates. It gives a good estimate for voucher drop rates (but with … Read more ESO Master Writ Drop Rates 2018-04

ESO Outfit samples 2018-03 part 1

Helediron Blog feature: Housing

A cavalcade of ESO outfit samples. Almost all ESO motifs used. First part has e.g. Order Hour, Militant Ordinator, Ebonshadow, Akaviri, Mazzatun, Silken Ring, Malacath, Buoyant Armiger, Dreadhorn, Grim Harlequin and Apostle. All crafters wear now an outfit. This is three-part post how they look like now. These are not plain pictures of certain motifs … Read more ESO Outfit samples 2018-03 part 1

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