ESO Refining Drop Rates per Profession

Helediron Blog feature: Statistics

Home » eso » Page 4 I have collected refining statics about three years. Following a forum post, i divided my statistics per profession: Refining summary per profession So, each profession drops same amount of goldens, about 5%. Did you like this?Tip Helediron with Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Ethereum Powered by BitMate Author Donations Donate … Read more

ESO Helediron crafthouse

Helediron Blog feature: Clockwork City

Home » eso » Page 4 Crafting house of @helediron, all set crafting stations and all mundus stones. Update 2017-11-28: The house moved to Observatory Prior. Stations are now sorted alphabetically. New map: Crafthouse layout panorama Original Post: Shortlink to 5000×5000 map: Crafthouse in Strident Spring Demesne Stations are arranged by their location in … Read more