ESO Refining history

Helediron Blog feature: Statistics

This is a table of documented raw material refinings in ESO, starting from year 2015. Refining history 2015-2017 Columns: Raw: amount of raw materials. This summary has combined all types and levels to one number. Refined: how much refined material came out. Gold: how many golden/legendary improvements dropped Purple: how many purple/epic improvements dropped Blue: … Read more ESO Refining history

ESO Helediron crafthouse

Helediron Blog feature: Clockwork City

Crafting house of @helediron, all set crafting stations and all mundus stones. Update 2017-11-28: The house moved to Observatory Prior. Stations are now sorted alphabetically. New map: Crafthouse layout panorama Original Post: Shortlink to 5000×5000 map: Crafthouse in Strident Spring Demesne Stations are arranged by their location in Tamriel. Coarsely, All DLC area stations … Read more ESO Helediron crafthouse

ESO Mixed alliance Imperial City questing

Helediron Blog feature: Combat

Three players from different alliances doing IC quests together: Trinity Defence Three players, each from different alliances in early Imperial City. I stumbled upon another, Ebonheart player Belazarus. Since i was just questing, i started to jump up and down trying to signal i’m no threat. After short confusion we went ahead together! This was … Read more ESO Mixed alliance Imperial City questing

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