ESO Dragon Bones Update – new Rolis Recipes

Helediron Blog feature: Dragon Bones

The Dragon Bones update adds six new golden recipes to Rolis Hlaalu’s stocks. The new vendor next to Rolis, Faustina Curio, is selling all the old golden plans. Hlaalu Gaming Table Miniature garden, Bottled Hlaalu Gong Alchemical Apparatus, master Clothier’s Form, brass Hlaalu Trinket Box, curious turtle Gong, Turtle Box, Garden, Gaming Table, Apparatus,Clothier’s Form … Read more ESO Dragon Bones Update – new Rolis Recipes

ESO Refining history

Helediron Blog feature: Statistics

This is a table of documented raw material refinings in ESO, starting from year 2015. Refining history 2015-2017 Columns: Raw: amount of raw materials. This summary has combined all types and levels to one number. Refined: how much refined material came out. Gold: how many golden/legendary improvements dropped Purple: how many purple/epic improvements dropped Blue: … Read more ESO Refining history

ESO Helediron crafthouse

Helediron Blog feature: Clockwork City

Crafting house of @helediron, all set crafting stations and all mundus stones. Update 2017-11-28: The house moved to Observatory Prior. Stations are now sorted alphabetically. New map: Crafthouse layout panorama Original Post: Shortlink to 5000×5000 map: Crafthouse in Strident Spring Demesne Stations are arranged by their location in Tamriel. Coarsely, All DLC area stations … Read more ESO Helediron crafthouse

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