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ESO Summerset Jewelry Crafting, Basics

Jewelry crafting will be very much similar to what blacksmithing, woodworking and clothing is now. It extends crafting to last gear items player wear but were earlier always drop items. Now all gear can be crafted.

Please read first ZOS' own article about jewelry crafting. This article skips mostly what's in there.

There is a part 2 article about leveling jewelry craft.

Crafting Stations

All set crafting areas and city regular crafting areas have been upgraded to have a jewelry crafting table. The ordinary jewelry crafting tables are next to enchanting tables. On many cities there were two enchanting tables and now the other has been changed to jewelry station.

You can purchase your own basic or attunable stations from voucher vendor.

  • Basic station costs 125 vouchers.
  • Attunable stations cost 250 vouchers.


Jewelry crafting has similar list of passives as other gear craftings have.

Individual passives:

  • Engraver: Sets the max level of craftable items.
    • 1: default, Allows to use Pewter for levels 1..24.
    • 2: Allows to use Copper for levels 26..50.
    • 3: Allows to use Silver for levels CP10..CP70.
    • 4: Allows to use Electrum for levels CP80..CP140.
    • 5: Allows to use Platinum for levels CP150..CP160.
  • Keen Eye: Same as with other professions.
  • Jewelry Extraction: Same as with other professions, improves chance of getting mats from decostruction.
  • Lapidary Research: Nearly same as with other professions, shortens research times but does not allow parallel researches. There are just two items to research anyway.
  • Plating Expertise: Same as with other professions, reduces material needs when improving.

Note: there is no hireling for jewelry crafting. Maxing out all passives take 17 skill points.

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Materials work much the same way as in other profession, but with some differences:

  • There are only five levels of basic materials.
  • All materials, including trait mats and improvement mats have raw mats from which you can refine actual materials.
  • Materials are gathered from various sources. See the ZOS article for details.

Basic materials are harvested like in any other profession:

The jewelry material appears on same nodes as ore material. The seams are not a new node type in fixed places but spawn dynamically to ore/seam node. So a node can have ore and next time seam. A short farming run in Craglorn gave 37 ore nodes and 12 seam nodes. That hints that 25% of ore/seam nodes spawn as seams.

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Refining dust turn 85% of it to corresponding ounces. E.g. refining a stack of 200 dust gives about 170 ounces. Refining also gives improvement raw materials. This is different from other professions which give directly final improvement materials. In jewelry crafting the raw mats have to be refined. Effectively this means that improvement materials drop ten times less often compared to other professions. ZOS said they want to keep trials and golden vendor as main sources for golden rings. I think it's a stupid want. Players ultimately choose what they want.

First max level Survey Map gave 137 Platinum Dust and 2 Titanium. Lost Treasure addon has been updated to show jewelry survey locations.

Material Names

  • Base Materials: Material is * Ounce, raw material is * Dust.
    • Sample: Silver Ounce, Silver Dust.
  • Improvement Materials: Material name is * Plating, raw material is * Grains.
    • Sample: Iridium Plating, Iridium Grains.
  • Trait Materials: Material name is *, raw material name is Pulverized *.
    • Sample: Slaughterstone, Pulverized Slaughterstone.

[su_highlight]Update 2018-05-08: In latest PTS patch notes there were changes to jewlry crafting. The trait sourcing has changed. From PTS notes:[/su_highlight]

Based on player feedback, we've updated the sourcing of various Jewelry Traits.
  • Jewelry in the Triune Trait can now be found in Gladiator's Rucksacks, obtained from Conquest Board dailies in Cyrodiil. The trait item, Dawn-Prism, can be purchased from War Researchers in Cyrodiil for 100,000 AP per unit.
  • Jewelry in the Bloodthirsty Trait can now be found rarely in the weekly quest reward boxes of Trials. The trait item, Slaughterstone, will be found in those same reward boxes the rest of the time.
  • Jewelry in the Harmony trait can be found rarely in the Undaunted Reward chests located in the Undaunted camps near alliance capitals. The trait item, Dibellium, can be found in Daily Dungeon LFG reward system mails.
  • Jewelry in the Protective Trait can now be obtained by completing the Summerset main quest and Psijic Order quest lines. (A Ring is obtained for completing Summerset's main quest, while a Necklace is obtained for completing the full Psijic Order quest line.) The trait item, Titanium, can be found rarely in precious metal seams all over Tamriel, but are found more often in seams found on Summerset.

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Trait effect values are for golden CP160 jewelry.

Trait value pictures on rings.


The crafting itself is very similar to other professions. Select item (ring or necklaec), select level and trait. There are no styles in jewelrycrafting.

Improving works like the others. BTW, now improvement chance is 100% by default!