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ESO Clockwork City vs Morrowind

Clockwork City is a good DLC. Story is well written and gave some genuine laughs. I haven't found any overly stupid RNG issues. Dailies drop motif pages in reasonable rate. Overall this is good work.

And that leads to question, why did we have to pay for Morrowind? Subscribers didn't get access to Vvardenfell, so the actual cost of Morrowind chapter was about 40€ paid + 20€ from sub = 60€. That is more than full game.

Vvardenfell is very comparable to Orsinium which was available with regular sub. Clockwork City is more comparable to Thieves guild and Dark Brotherhood, but e.g. the length of the area main story is pretty much the same between CWC and Morrowind. I remember when finishing Vivec main story i was thinking "was this all for the 40€?".

Vvardenfell environment design is very irritable. Wrothgar is still my go-to farming place and Craglorn second best. Honestly, Vvardenfell was just horrible area design. Clockwork City has huge vertical drops but still the area is not constantly biting your legs. In Vvardenfell there are places that have been deliberately placed as difficulty reachable as possible. They could have added small shortcuts, but no, they went to extremes. Wayshrines are in most inconvenient places, daily quests force to ride around cliffs and ground is littered with stopping rocks.

Why do we need to pay for that PvP? ZOS made a second time the error of mixing PvP and PvE (first was IC). Good that it was just financially, but i think PvP players should pay their own content. I have seen that battlegrounds have been unpopular. For everybody else Morrowind chapter was just a horribly expensive DLC. There were NO system updates in Morrowind. Vvardenfell wasn't worth the price at all. Clockwork City IS the worth the cost.

I rate Morrowind the second worst DLC because of excessive cost and stupidly short main quest (IC is still the worst). Clockwork City is in same group with Thieves Guilds and Dark Brotherhood. TG and DB added some good systems updates, so it's hard to rate, and i just say that CWC is solid DLC and very enjoyable to play trough. It left a good aftertaste.

ZOS should remember this with their next chapter. Morrowind was a pure ripoff. The NDA was set to hide what the chapter actually contained. For the next chapter i'll skip any prepurchase and wait until the content is publicly available. There must not be any waste to PvP or other useless feature. There must be significant system updates. There must be actually massive area to play. Note to ZOS, "massive" does not mean digital rocks...