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Table matrix

Tables are in alphabetical order from left to right when looking from entrance. They are in 11 stripes, four tables each. The map shows first letters of first set on each stripe. E.g. eighth stripe has Seducer set.

The huge bronze ball is over stripe 1, set1. The empty places are reservations for new Summerset tables.

Master Writ Helper Tool

Scan writs from one profession in your inventory and click the tables to mark them. Then click the profession button to turn on corresponding flag on the tables. Then flag other professions the same way. After all writs have been flagged, navigate from table to table.

1(empty)Alessia’s BulwarkArmor MasterAshen Grip
2Assassin’s GuileClever AlchemistDaedric TrickeryDeath’s Wind
3Eternal HuntEyes of MaraFortified BrassHist Bark
4Hunding’s RageInnate AxiomKagrenac’s HopeKvatch Gladiator
5Law of JulianosMagnus’ GiftMechanical AcuityMorkuldin
6Night’s SilenceNight Mother’s GazeNoble’s Conquest(empty)
7Oblivion’s FoeOrgnum’s ScalesPelinal’s AptitudeRedistributor
8Seducer (Armor of)ShacklebreakerShalidor’s Curse(empty)
9Song of LamaeSpectre’s EyeTava’s FavorTorug’s Pact
10Trial by FireTwice-Born StarTwilight’s EmbraceVampire’s Kiss
11Varen’s LegacyWay of the ArenaWhitestrake’s RetributionWillow’s Path


Available Test Dummies

  • Two 3M dummies on main platform.
  • Four 3M dummies over the ledge.
  • One 10*3M dummy group over the ledge.
  • Three 6M dummies on main platform.
  • Two 6M dummies over the ledge.
  • One 4*6M dummy group over the ledge.
  • One 26M dummy.
  • One 52M dummy.

Frequently Asked Questions

One mundus stone does not work.
One crafting table does not work.
Multiple crafting tables do not work.
Armor of Seducer is where?
Why are the dummies so bloody far away?

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