ESO Moving Writmakers to Vivec City

Helediron Blog feature: Crafters

For optimized writmaking Velyn Harbour and Vivec City are now about as good. Before jewelry crafting Velyn Harbour was clearly the best, but Vivec City has jewelry station in a very good place, and that compensates its remote writ return boxes. I clocked them. Both take about 80 seconds to run through, excluding inventory management … Read more ESO Moving Writmakers to Vivec City

ESO Refining – Summerset PTS

Helediron Blog feature: Summerset

No changes in refining, when tested in PTS a week before release to PC. Still getting close to 5% drop rate of golden mats (i.e. one golden from 20 refines, 200 raw mats). [bctt tweet=”Summerset testing of refining raw materials: no change in drop rates. #Summerset #ESO @TESOnline”] Refining statics in PTS before Summerset 2018-05-16

ESO Crafthouse has moved – fourth time

Helediron Blog feature: Quests

My crafting house has moved from Observatory Prio to Coldharbour Surreal Estate. Previous one grew tight and would not have been able to squeeze in all the new stations coming with Summerset update. The Coldharbour Estate is essentially a very large flat, empty area. In the middle is flat tiling area for set crafting tables. … Read more ESO Crafthouse has moved – fourth time

ESO Anniversary 2018 daily rewards – motif page drops

Helediron Blog feature: Crafing

Quick notes from 2018 anniversary rewards from dailies: [bctt tweet=”ESO 2018 Anniversary: Every fifth Anniversary Jubilee Gift Box drops a motif page. No Militant Ordinators, tight on Buoyant Armigers, double chance for Worm Cults. #ESO @TESOnline”] All dailies drop a reward box. I am doing writs, and doing them at lowest or highest level give … Read more ESO Anniversary 2018 daily rewards – motif page drops

Images moved

Helediron Blog category: Highlighted

Images have moved from old file based address to Piwigo-based repository at . Images are now accessible directly from the blog top menu, IMAGES The images in old address have been squeezed to much smaller size to save some space, but still maintain links from e.g. forums. Funny how fast things change. Half … Read more Images moved

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