ESO Furniture Plans known 2018-02

Helediron Blog feature: Reference

Main crafter furniture plans status at 2018-02-17: Total numbers (from Furniture Catalogue addon): 1393 known craftable plans 22 unknown craftable plans Current list of unknown plans below. There are different reasons: Some of them are unobtainable – not actually in the game like Candles, Lasting. Some are nearly same as another known like Fabricant Tree, … Read more

ESO Clockwork Furniture Fair

Helediron Blog feature: Clockwork City

My crafthouse has a Clockwork Furniture Fair, showing nearly all Clockwork furniture items (Until 12th February 2018). You can visit the house in PC EU from Harrods guild. I am planning to move the crafthouse to Coldharbour after Drgon Bones update. That frees the Observatory Prior for furnishing. I purchased nearly all Clockwork plans leaving … Read more

ESO Dragon Bones Update – random Morrowind plans documents

Helediron Blog feature: Reference

PTS testing: With Dragon Bones update players can buy Morrowind furniture plans with vouchers. Rolis Hlaalu, the old master writ vendor, has got an apprentice, Faustina Curio. She is selling blue “Morrowind Journeyman Furnisher’s Documents” at 20 vouchers and purple “Morrowind Master Furnisher’s Documents” at 50 vouchers. The documents drop random furniture plans which were … Read more

ESO Dragon Bones Update – new Rolis Recipes

Helediron Blog feature: Dragon Bones

The Dragon Bones update adds six new golden recipes to Rolis Hlaalu’s stocks. The new vendor next to Rolis, Faustina Curio, is selling all the old golden plans. Hlaalu Gaming Table Miniature garden, Bottled Hlaalu Gong Alchemical Apparatus, master Clothier’s Form, brass Hlaalu Trinket Box, curious turtle Gong, Turtle Box, Garden, Gaming Table, Apparatus,Clothier’s Form … Read more