Helediron Blog feature: Crafters


This is a personal game blog.

Elder Scrolls Online.

I’ve played since beta from 2014. I am playing PvE and concentrated to crafting. Before the game turned into grindfest i did all hardmode dungeons and trials. My main guild is Finnish Dragonborn Z .

Lately been playing only casually. I have achieved everything i wanted and ignoring the grindy parts. Even crafting is pretty much done. I have 15 master crafters, another 15 nearly “masters”, 15 mule crafters, thousands of legendary mats, millions of gold, a crafthouse with every single set station there are, etc. There is nothing left to do.

I’ll use this site to archive ESO stuff. I had before files in Dropbox but they closed down public sharing. I moved files to this site .

I probably check out new DLCs and play them through as a casual player.

Ashes of Creation

AoC is upcoming MMO. I supported it via Kickstarter and will join alpha testing. I’ll probably again concentrate to PvE and crafting. It does have interesting PvP model, which i surely try, but it never has really been my cup of tea.

I probably start by fooling around. But at some point i guess the hardcore crafting kicks in.

I am looking for a hc or semi-hc guild. It would not be a surprise if i find myself as a guild crafter after AoC launch.

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