ESO Summerset Jewelry Crafting Bookshelves

I have leveled now four crafters to level 50. One part of leveling is to visit Summerset and read through bookshelves after reaching level 45..47 . These levels are the most expensive to level and reading a jewelry crafting book at these levels save about fifteen purple rings.

I have heard from credible sources people getting three levels of jewelry crafting from books. My crafters spend only limited time searching books and i have got two points only.

It might be that two points are easily reachable and further points need advancing the main quest. This is just a guess. If this is true, then there are two ways to try getting the extra points:

  • Get easily two points in minimum time.
  • Search bookshelves extensively for all possible points.

This all of course is only feasible if you first level jewelry crafting to high levels before reading any bookshelves in Summerset.

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Below are towns and houses worth checking. They have eithe good amount of books or a confirmed drop. A star after a house means i have got a level to jewelry crafting from that house.

Book placement is semi-random. There is no guarantee to find certain book at certain bookshelf. But it seems that all books appear somewhere. So i think there is fixed amount of books and only their locations are pseudorandomized to each character.


This place is easy to port into since the wayshrine is already open. I have got most of my extra points from here. It could be simply because  i have usually started searching from here. Houses worth checking are:

  • Mages guild
  • Inn *
  • Kinlady’s house *
  • Monastery *


Strangely, not a single level gotten from here, even with a character that searched first from here. The city is also rather big needing more riding than others.


Small place but got one level from here.

  • Inn
  • Mages guild *


Small place, no points from here, but i think there was a duplicate book in one shelf.

  • Canonreeve
  • Masques



The Caporah tower has no books but the college ruins has plenty. This place needs either advancing Summerset main quest or porting to a player. Traitor’s Vault delve has a huge amount of bookshelves but i don’t know if there are any jewelry crafting books. I have visited it only on my main, which is not an active crafter.

  • Traitor’s Vault delve
  • College of Psijic ruins *

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