ESO Summerset Alinor Building Blocks

Build your own patio! The new furniture plans contain many new building block-type recipes. Below is a sample of plans from Summerset, which can be used like building blocks.

Alinor Wall, Stone CornerAlinor Wall, Stone Corner

Alinor Wall, Stone LongAlinor Wall, Stone Long

Alinor Post, Stone WallAlinor Post, Stone Wall

Alinor Bowl, Shallow LimestoneAlinor Bowl, Shallow Limestone

Alinor Bowl, Stemmed LimestoneAlinor Bowl, Stemmed Limestone

Alinor Column, Slender TimewornAlinor Column, Slender Timeworn

Alinor Display Stand, MarbleAlinor Display Stand, Marble

Alinor Display Stand, Marble WideAlinor Display Stand, Marble Wide

Alinor Fence, Tall LongAlinor Fence, Tall Long

Alinor Floor, Ballroom TimewornAlinor Floor, Ballroom Timeworn

Alinor Plinth, SarcophagusAlinor Plinth, Sarcophagus

Alinor Potted Plant, Triple TieredAlinor Potted Plant, Triple Tiered

Alinor Sarcophagus, OpenAlinor Sarcophagus, Open

Alinor Shrine, Limestone RaisedAlinor Shrine, Limestone Raised

Alinor Stairway, TimewornAlinor Stairway, Timeworn

Alinor Statue, KinlordAlinor Statue, Kinlord

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