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ESO Moving Writmakers to Vivec City

For optimized writmaking Velyn Harbour and Vivec City are now about as good. Before jewelry crafting Velyn Harbour was clearly the best, but Vivec City has jewelry station in a very good place, and that compensates its remote writ return boxes.

I clocked them. Both take about 80 seconds to run through, excluding inventory management and bank interactions. Vivec took still few seconds more, but Velyn Harbour is in muscle memory.

Vivec wins if bank or guild traders are important. Velyn wins if stables are important. Vivec has less stealable containers around tables and return boxes – less chance for opening wrong containers.

For me Vivec has now one clear advantage, easy access to guild bank, and i am moving my crafters now to Vivec City.

I’ll keep my newest crafters still in Velyn Harbour. These characters feed horses every day, and for them VH is still best.

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