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ESO Summerset Psijic Skill Line Fast Leveling Guide

This guide shows how to grind Psijic skill line. This is dense, just series of wayshrine, image and short description to find rifts for grinding.

Tip: you can level up the skill line in group. If someone closes a rift, everyone in group who is closer than 500 meters gets it. The light paths each need to do individually.

Starting the skill line

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Start with Summerset main quest with Razum Dar. That quest eventually leads to Artaeum. When the quest is finished, a new NPC appears into Caporeah Tower. Very close to the center is Loremaster Celarus. He starts the skill line leveling. Continue that quest and fetch a crystal skull from Wasten Coraldale delve. Then starts the level grind.

The grind

When you get a psijic map into inventory, read it once.

There are basically two kind of tasks:

  • Close a rift. Ride to the spot and USE E to close it, then go to next.
  • Follow a light path. Ride to the start of the path. When you use the start, a series of lights appear that guide you through the path. Follow them until at end a mound appears. Dig it to finish that path.
What irritates me in this leveling is that it feels made by a sadist. Leveling is fast, not difficult, but Someone is deliberately trying to humiliate players.

The leveling is filled with bugs.

  • The E does not always appear when approaching a rift.
  • When pressing E the quest marker and the rift appear sometimes when just few meters close.
  • I got once attacked by a mob when closing a rift. The rift closed visually but wasn’t really closed.
  • And that leads to another complain: there is no knowledge which rifts have been closed inside a quest.
  • Once following a light path the end mound didn’t appear. When i returned back the start wasn’t there either nor were the lights. I had to travel to another area, log off, log on and travel back and then the end marker got visible.

Rifts have been carefully placed as far as possible from wayshrines and deliberately placed to cause unnecessary riding back and forth.  Rifts are typically either on top or bottom of sharp cliff and it’s not clear from the map. The arrows in pictures try to guide to the right way in such places.

The rifts and light path start and stop are marked with red flag on each map.

Level 1, rifts in Summerset

Summerset rifts

Wayshrines: Alinor (or ride from the delve), Stadmont

One option could be riding through the whole east coast and skip wayshrines.

Wayshrines: King’s Haven

Wayshrines: Sil-Var-Wood (or Simmerene), Eastern Pass

Wayshrines: Sunhold


Level 2, rifts around Iliac Bay

Glenumbra rifts

Wayshrines: Crosswych

Wayshrines: Wyrd Tree

Wayshrines: Baelboerne

Stormhaven rifts

Wayshrines: Wind Keep, Pariah Abbey

THERE IS ANOTHER RIFT missing the arrow on west side

Wayshrines: Bonesnap Ruins

Alik'r Desert rifts

Wayshrines: Morwha’s Bounty

Wayshrines: Kulati Mines

Ignore the path between two flags in next picture, It’s for later level.

Wayshrines: Hoonding’s Watch


Level 3, rifts in Ebonheart Pact areas

Eastmarch rifts

Wayshrines: Logging camp (or Witterstadr)

Wayshrines: Fort Morvunskar

Wayshrines: Fort Amol (or Wittestadr)

Rift rifts

Wayshrines: Geirmund’s Hall

Wayshrines: Fallowstone

Stonefalls rifts

Wayshrines: Senie

Wayshrines: Brothers of Strife, Vivec’s Antlers

Ignore the path between two flags in next picture, It’s for later level.

Level 4, collecting Staff of Towers pieces

Bankorai light path

Wayshrines: Bankorai Pass

Alik'r Desert light path

Wayshrines: Leki’s Blade
Ignore the rift.

Shadowfen light path

Wayshrines: hatching Pools

Deshaan light path
The path is west from Darkshade caverns, close to point where we talked with a big snake in a quest.

Wayshrines: Silent Mire
Ignore the rift.


Level 5, rifts in Aldmeri Dominion

Grahtwood rifts

Wayshrines: Ossuary (or Elden Root Temple)

Wayshrines: Redfur Trading post

Wayshrines: Gil-Var-Delle

Greenshade rifts

Wayshrines: Moonhenge

Wayshrines: Serpent’s Grotto

Wayshrines: Labyrinth
Ignore the purple light path between two flags.

Malabal Tor rifts
Forgot to take Malabal Tor overview picture. Look at dolmens. Rifts are close to them.

Wayshrines: Abamath

Wayshrines: Wilding Run

Wayshrines: Vulkwasten


Level 6, rifts in Black Marsh

Deshaan rifts

Wayshrines: West narsis

Wayshrines: Muth Gnaar

Wayshrines: Shad Astula

Wayshrines: Eidolon’s Hallow

Wayshrines: Silent Mire
Ignore the light path.

Shadowfen rifts

Wayshrines: Percolating Mire

Wayshrines: Loriasel

Wayshrines: Bogmother

Wayshrines: Stillrise


Level 7, collecting Staff of Towers

Stormhaven light path

Wayshrines: Weeping Giant

Spellscar light path

Wayshrines: Spellscar
Ignore the blue rifts.

Greenshade light path

Wayshrines: Greenheart
Ignore the blue rift.

Stonefalls light path

Wayshrines: Brothers of Strife
Ignore the blue rifts.


Level 8, rifts in Rivenspire

Rivenspire rifts

Wayshrines: Tamrith Camp, Crestshade

Wayshrines: Oldgate

Wayshrines: Sanguine Barrows

Wayshrines: Fell’s Run

Wayshrines: Boralis

Wayshrines: Northpoint


Level 9, rifts in Craglorn

Craglorn rifts

Wayshrines: Elinhir
Ignore the purple light path between two flags.

Wayshrines: Seeker’s Archive

Wayshrines: Sandy Path

Wayshrines: Skyreach

Wayshrines: Dragonstar Arena


Level 10, end quest

Doesn’t need a guide.

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