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ESO Summerset Jewelry Crafting, Leveling

A concise guide to level up jewelry crafting for max level players.

See also first part, jewelry crafting basics.

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My estimate of optimal leveling of cp160+ character and ESO+ is something like this:

  • Open the inspiration passive in Tower CP constellation. It increases the crafting xp from deconning by 20% and increases the level-dependent max xp from items by 15%.
  • Decon whatever white or low level jewelries at first levels. But watch out white cp160 intricates.
  • Open the Jewelry Extraction passive at levels 4, 22, 32.
  • Save blue and purple cp160 jewelry.If you decon them too soon you get only fraction of their potential xp.
  • Level up only with greens until level 30. You lose most of their xp but they are abundant and let you push through the low levels..
  • You need about 120 green cp160 jewelries to levek 30.
  • Then decon all blues.
  • Start deconning purples at level 32.
  • The xp required from 30 to 50 is 2.7M. That is roughly 180 purples.
  • But of course decon everything you get after level 32. Greens give 80% xp from purples.
  • If you can avoid reading bookshelfs in Summerset and your jewelry crafting is beyond 45, decon until you are at beginning of a level. Then visit major toewns and their largest houses and read all bookshelves. There are books that advance jewelry crafting and you have a good chance of getting few free levels..
  • Save intricate cp160 to last levels. They seem to give always the cap xp on any level. They are best at level 49 giving 28288 xp each.

The leveling from 1 to 30 takes 1M crafting xp and from 30 to 50 it takes 2.7M crafting xp. Level 30 is significant divider because there you can start deconning blue cp160 jewelry without clipped xp. Purples give full xp after level 32.

Partial xp cap table from live. Crafter is cp900+, ESO+ and inspiration passive from cp tower.

5: 1918
6: 2828
7: 3172
8: 3515
9: 3775
10: 4024
11: 4430
12: 4815
13: 5335
14: 5844
15: 6042
16: 6219
17: 6791
18: 7363
19: 7675
20: 7976
21: 8863
22: 9349
23: 9713
24: 10077
25: 10431
26: 10774
27: 11762
28: 11874
29: 11874 (green cp160 no longer clipped)
29: 13249 (blue cp160)
30: 13500 (blue cp160 no longer clipped)
30: 13748 (purple cp160)
31: 14268 (purple cp160)
32: 14710 (purple cp160 no longer clipped)
33: 14710 (purple cp160)

Here a purple cp160 jewelry gives 14710 xp. On PTS it gave only 9335 xp. There is a difference of missing 20% xp buff from CP passives. But on top of that it seems that xp was increased additional 30% from PTS.

Xp from items

Rings and necklaces give same xp.

CP160 jewelry xp:

  • Green: 11874
  • Blue: 13500
  • Purple: 14710
Update 2018-05-24
Currently Alik’r dolmen train seems to be the best way to level up jewelry crafting. It gives one ring every few minutes. The Geysirs in Summerset don’t seem to rotate fast enough, although they tend to drop one to three rings per spawn. Psijic motifs don’t seem to drop easily, even to level 10 psijic character. The new crabs drop nothing. Fishing near geysirs has not brought anything.

I fear ZOS again turned everything to grindy horror. I stopped camping the geysirs and moved to Alik’r.

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Other notes

Deconstructing a cp160 golden gives a bit materials without any deconstruct passive: about 20 ounces per item and a grain every third time.
Skill point assignments:
Engraver 2: rank 14
Engraver 3: rank 27
Engraver 4: rank 40
Engraver 5: rank 50Keen Eye 2: ?
Keen Eye 3: rank 30

Jewelry Extraction 1: rank 4
Jewelry Extraction 2: rank 22
Jewelry Extraction 3: rank 32

Lapidary Research 1: rank 8
Lapidary Research 2: rank 18
Lapidary Research 3: rank 28
Lapidary Research 4: rank 45

Platings Expertise 1: rank 10
Platings Expertise 2: rank 25
Platings Expertise 3: rank 40

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