ESO Summerset Jewelry Crafting, Leveling

Below is the leveling table of jewelry crafting. It shows required inspiration (crafting xp) per each level, what is the cap of xp from decostructing single item and how much more a level requires xp compared to previous level.

See also first part, jewelry crafting basics.

Earlier version of this post had a bad error which doubled the required total XP, and doubling the required total number of rings.
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Beyond about level 28 the xp from decostructing a CP150 golden ring will be less than the cap in that level. Therefore after that level the cap is no longer cutting xp from highest level golden rings.

The test character was level 3, had ESO+ but no CP assigned.

The leveling from 1 to 25 takes 0.7M crafting xp and from 26 to 50 it takes 2.9M crafting xp.

Table columns:

  • Xp to next: How much crafting xp you need to earn to advance to next level.
  • Max item xp: This is a level-dependent cap of xp from a single item. E.g. deconstructing a golden CP160 ring gives only 1117 xp at first level, but beyond level 28 it gives over 10000.
  • Increase: This is current level’s required xp divided by previous level requirement.

Xp from items

Here are xp earned from deconstructing jewelry of different level and quality. The items were made by another character in same account. Cp passives should increase the numbers by 20%.


My estimate of rings for cp160, ESO+ and with cp passives is something like this:

  • From 1 to about 28 use just green cp160 rings. At low levels their xp is heavily cut, but there is nothing we can do about it other than just push through. Each level takes five or six rings. The exact number is complex calculation because of increasing required xp and caps. But a simple average of six rings per 30 levels is 180 greens.
  • After level 28 blue rings give their full xp.
  • After level 30 purple rings give their full xp (don’t have exact numbers beyond 28 but estimated).
  • From 30 to 50 about 240 purple cp160 rings.

Other notes

Deconstructing a cp160 golden gives a bit materials without any deconstruct passive: about 20 ounces per item and a grain every third time.
First skill point assignments:
engraver 2: rank14
Jewelry extraction 1: rank 4
Lapidary research 1: rank 8
Platings expertise: rank 10
engraver 3: rank27

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