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ESO Crafthouse has moved – fourth time

My crafting house has moved from Observatory Prio to Coldharbour Surreal Estate. Previous one grew tight and would not have been able to squeeze in all the new stations coming with Summerset update.

 Map and table matrix are available at shortlink l.fizban.fi/ch . 

The Coldharbour Estate is essentially a very large flat, empty area. In the middle is flat tiling area for set crafting tables. Everything else can be scattered around.

[bctt tweet=”Coldharbour Surreal Estate turned to a crafter’s paradise. #Summerset #ESO @TESOnline”] Summerset will add three new craftable sets increasing craftable set amount from 41 to 44. Then each set will gain a jewelry station. This means that total amount of set stations increases from 123 to 176 (53 new stations).


The tables are arranged into ten stripes in alphabetical order. This way the crafter can run at the front searching right letter. There is only four sets in a stripe.


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