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ESO Anniversary 2018 daily rewards – motif page drops

Quick notes from 2018 anniversary rewards from dailies:

[bctt tweet=”ESO 2018 Anniversary: Every fifth Anniversary Jubilee Gift Box drops a motif page. No Militant Ordinators, tight on Buoyant Armigers, double chance for Worm Cults. #ESO @TESOnline”]

All dailies drop a reward box. I am doing writs, and doing them at lowest or highest level give the same one reward box. It doesn’t matter what dailies you do.

This table shows daily motif page drops drops from three accounts having 15 characters each, total 45 characters.

E.g first account got 16 motif pages on first day and all three with total 45 characters got 55 pages. From first five days the daily average is 57 pages. Each character did six writs daily, so they all together do 270 writs, and this gives that each daily has 21% chance of dropping a motif page. In other words, every fifth daily drops a motif page.

The boxes drop:

  • Random epic motif page.
  • Random crafting materials.
  • Random style materials, including worm cult style mat – Desecrated Grave Soil.
  • Random trait items including nirncrux.
  • Random blue or purple furniture plans (very often Clockwork Single Switch).
  • Random blue and purple provisioning recipes.
  • Transmute crystals.

The motifs seem to have equal drop rates with few exceptions:

  • Buoyant Armiger has lower drop rate, hard to say how much lower, but they seem to drop less often than others.
  • Worm Cult seem to drop twice as often as others.
  • Militant Ordinator does not drop.
  • Ra Gada does not drop???
  • Crown store nor quest-award motifs do not drop.
 Individual motif drops after day 9

I had to cheat a bit to get the numbers. I counted them from my inventory but there were old pages from there before the event, which i had to clear away. I know exactly the difference in totals and which motifs there were but not amount of each motif. Anyway, it shows that Worm Cult has higher droprate than others.

Mercenary, Hollowjack, Assassins and Skinchanger amounts are just a guess. Their numbers are set to average 14.

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