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ESO Voucher Merchant Morrowind Plans end results

Morrowind furniture plans project is over. After purchasing a bunch of documents from voucher vendor and learning new plans by main crafter, all the dups are now sold.


This was the starting point:

  • EU PC server
  • Bought 300 purple and 200 blue random documents
  • Spent 19000 vouhers (300*50 + 200*20)
  • learned about 119 purple plans.
  • learned about 63 blue plans.

Summary of selling phase:

  • Sold 181 purple duplicate plans (300 – 119).
  • Sold 137 blue duplicate plans (200 – 63).
  • Bought half dozen plans which didn’t drop from random documents (don’t remember the prices, nothing expensive, just ignoring these as insignificant).
  • Earned about 12M gold total from selling the duplicate plans.

I didn’t follow prices of individual plans but just looked how much seller mules earned. In fact MM lost few times sales history after update. The mules didn’t sell anything else during this period so the gold into their inventory came only from guild vendor sales of the plans.


Just from gut feeling blues sold 20k on average and purples at 50k. 137*20k + 181*50k gives 11790K gold – almost 12M gold, so close enough.

Funnily blues cost 20 vouchers and purples 50 vouchers, so we know immediately that one voucher gave 1000 gold. That is in fact close to current going price of one voucher in EU PC. Of course this is partly self-fulfilling prediction because i was assuming to get that price. By being biggest source of plans for awhile i could set the price level. Selling game isn’t really my interest so i settled to relatively fast selling pace. Now it’s over and i can go back tinkering.

Main goal was to learn the new plans. My main crafter can again call herself a completionistI. She knows 98% of all recipes. Most of the last recipes don’t actually drop. I got rid of the dups and earned nicely – good end result overall.


Another result from this is that 7000 vouchers went to those plans which the main crafter leaned herself. So, assuming price level does not change and all recipes are available somewhere, a player should expect to spend about 7M gold to purchase all Morrowind recipes from guild vendors.

If the price level is different on other servers this can be scaled. My average price of the purple plans was 50k. 7M / 50k = 140. If you search guild vendors, try to establish an average price for purple plans. If it happens to be e.g. 75k on some servers, then expect to spend 75k *140 = 10.5M gold. Usually different small Redoran, Dres and Hlaalu tables and Indoril mats are close to average prices.

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