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ESO Proof of altoholism

A snippet from forum post “How many max level characters do you have? (incl. Altoholic Leaderboard)”:

Top Altoholics:
 1st @helediron 54 

2nd @UrQuan 33
3rd @Inklings 29
4th @Alex_Lex 28
5th @GamerAeryn 25
6th @ulrik.igerupb16_ESO and @Alcast 24
7th @Khenarthi 22
8th @hiyde and @code65536 21
Edited by Glaiceana on March 13, 2018 12:47AM

There is no denying, i guess.Next week the veteran count is 55.

Accounts and their character selection screens
There is another…

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