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ESO Outfit samples 2018-03 part 1

A cavalcade of ESO outfit samples. Almost all ESO motifs used. First part has e.g. Order Hour, Militant Ordinator, Ebonshadow, Akaviri, Mazzatun, Silken Ring, Malacath, Buoyant Armiger, Dreadhorn, Grim Harlequin and Apostle.

All crafters wear now an outfit. This is three-part post how they look like now. These are not plain pictures of certain motifs but personal combinations, mixing and matching different styles.


They all have same colour theme. Usually they have Clothier Purple, Julianos White and Transliminal Violet (gold). Sometimes gear dye badly and some of the colours may be something else.

They all wear hats. I use hats to mark crafters.

First part

Main crafters have all motifs available, and i selected outfits from the motifs not available to others.

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This is the main crafter, knows 99% of everything there is to know. She don’t need to fight. She wears a mixture of armor and clothing.

Militant Ordinator dyes very well. It’s too much dominated by it’s helmets which are of course unique, but the rest of the motif is good too. It’s one of the few which have a skirt.

“The white reaper [icon name=”smile-o”]”

Akaviri is my favourite. It immediately brings in images of Samurai warriors. Red/gold looks stunningly good.

Argonian style is versatile – also on other races. Mazzatun top and skirt are also good building blocks and here we have those two combined. Primal 1 swords look … primal. Dwemer shoulders hang low blending into arms. They are one of the best shoulders when not wanting them to rob attention.

Another way to combine Mazzatun items. Bloodforge chest looks like bulletproof vest, and pulling it out with distinct colour glues the rest with the skirt. Abah’s Watch shoulders are very small and fade away from view.

This motif loves gold dye. Transliminal Violet is a strange dye looking always different. In Silken Ring it’s pure gold. Minotaur shoulders are another not-shoulders. They are only on right side (as Mercenary is too).

Malacath medium chest with light pants have no flaps. But do think twice (literally) before combining the other way around. The chest has same top part as Malacath light shoulders overlapping each other. Here i use Imperial 1 shoulders as small alternative.

Used few glass motif pieces to improve looks.

Interesting, but awful to dye.

Another Mazzatun combination. Medium and heavy pants are worth to try with light gear. Here the belt area comes from chest motif and those pants blend with the bones-thingies on hips.

Akaviri morning jacket. Soul Shriven swords should have been in Akaviri in the first place.

No other motif takes in Julianos white as Apostle. I replaced the “mechanical” pieces with glass motif, and we have a Nurse fron Nethack hitting you to higher health! The axe look like a giant syringe …. < .<

One more Mazzatun combo with Order Hour pants.


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