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ESO Master Writ Drop Rates 2018-01

Some statistics about master writ drop rates:

The statistics represent a single very good crafter doing writs one and half year. In fact they are combination of multiple crafters over shorter time.

  • 50% of crafters have all 9 traits and significant amount of epic motifs and about 30 epic recipes.
  • 40% of crafters have about 15 nine traits, rest 8 traits and good amount of epic motifs and about 10..20 epic recipes..
  • 10% of crafters have at least 7 traits and some epic motifs.
  • All crafters have done all achievements excluding furniture achievements. Some of them have achieved them too.

The statistics show gains over total period, and averages for one month and one day. E.g. in one day the crafter earns 9.4 vouchers per day on average.


  • These numbers are a significant increase from last year 0.5 writs and 6.7 vouchers per day. Unless ZOS has changed drop rates (probably not)  the change is because the crafters have got much better over time. Dumb crafters do earn vouchers but master crafters earn eventually 40% more.
  • Comparing full 9 trait crafters to those having half 9 trait – half 8 trait, they earned 5% more writs. In vouchers the difference was 0.5%.
  • These numbers are in line from earlier tests where difference between full 9 trait crafters and full 8 trait crafters were about 10%.
  • OTOH two dumb crafters are better than one master crafter…
  • While better crafters earn more writs, that does not easily turn to more vouchers. This is because RNG affects very much the amount of vouchers in single writ, easily overshadowing the writ difference. Only over very long time more writs turn to move vouchers. Writ content seem to be completely random and crafter goodness does not affect it.
  • Provisioning writs are rather useless. Drop rates are low and voucher amount is low. When they drop a 10 voucher master writ making them costs more than they profit.
  • Enchanting and alchemy provide lots of master writs but are not really so good counted in vouchers.

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