ESO Furniture Plans known 2018-02

Main crafter furniture plans status at 2018-02-17:
Total numbers (from Furniture Catalogue addon):

  • 1393 known craftable plans
  • 22 unknown craftable plans

Current list of unknown plans below. There are different reasons:

  • Some of them are unobtainable – not actually in the game like Candles, Lasting.
  • Some are nearly same as another known like Fabricant Tree, Cherry.
  • Some are incomplete sets, having just few items like Ayleid plans.

Plans table (Know: 1=crafter knows, 0=does not know)

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1 thought on “ESO Furniture Plans known 2018-02

  1. Update 2018-03-18:
    – Learned some plans.
    – Removed some plans because being rumour state in Furniture Catalogue addon.

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