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ESO Dragon Bones Update – random Morrowind plans documents

PTS testing: With Dragon Bones update players can buy Morrowind furniture plans with vouchers. Rolis Hlaalu, the old master writ vendor, has got an apprentice, Faustina Curio. She is selling blue “Morrowind Journeyman Furnisher’s Documents” at 20 vouchers and purple “Morrowind Master Furnisher’s Documents” at 50 vouchers. The documents drop random furniture plans which were added into game with Morrowind update.

Update 2018-02-06: This will change in live. From PTS 3.3.4 patch notes:

The Morrowind Furnisher’s Documents available from Faustina Curio no longer contain plans that can be found outside of Morrowind, such as Daedric or Dwarven furnishing plans.

There are about 91 blue and 138 purple plans. There might be actually few more in loot table. I bought repeatedly more documents until almost all were duplicates.

Dropped unique plans divided by style and type:

I bought about four times more documents than there are unique plans. I calculated the ratio between unique and total amounts pre style/type:

There were e.g. two unique Ashlander blueprints. First dropped five times and the other six times, total 11 (not visible). Dividing 11 by 2 gave 5.5 duplicate rate.

Looking the table, all styles and all types had rate around 4. This shows that all plans have same drop rate from documents.

Blue plans:
Blueprint: Ashlander Cup, Empty
Blueprint: Ashlander Cup, Mazte
Blueprint: Dres Sideboard, Display
Blueprint: Dres Table, Kitchen
Blueprint: Dres Trestle, Corridor
Blueprint: Hlaalu Bench, Polished
Blueprint: Hlaalu Bookcase, Empty
Blueprint: Hlaalu Cabinet, Open
Blueprint: Hlaalu Chair, Polished
Blueprint: Hlaalu Cupboard, Open
Blueprint: Hlaalu Dresser, Open
Blueprint: Hlaalu Dresser, Scroll Drawers
Blueprint: Hlaalu Dresser, Scroll Rack
Blueprint: Hlaalu Settee, Polished
Blueprint: Hlaalu Shelf, Long
Blueprint: Indoril End Table, Rounded
Blueprint: Indoril Shelf, Long
Blueprint: Redoran Bench, Sanded
Blueprint: Redoran Chair, Sanded
Blueprint: Redoran End Table, sanded
Blueprint: Redoran Fork, Wooden
Blueprint: Redoran Knife, Wooden
Blueprint: Redoran Settee, Sanded
Blueprint: Redoran Sideboard, Display
Blueprint: Redoran Spoon, Wooden
Blueprint: Redoran Table, Kitchen
Blueprint: Redoran Trestle, Corridor
Design: Ashlander Platter, Bread and Cheese
Design: Ashlander Platter, Ceramic
Design: Dres Bowl, Empty
Design: Dres Bowl, Saltrice Mash
Design: Dres Candles, Meditation
Design: Dres Cup, Empty Greef
Design: Dres Cup, Greef
Design: Dwarven Candles, Cup
Design: Dwarven Candles, Plate
Design: Redoran Bowl, Empty
Design: Redoran Bowl, Saltrice Mash
Diagram: Daedric Bench, Ashen
Diagram: Daedric Pedestal, Ritual
Diagram: Dres Cauldron, Floral Banded
Diagram: Dwarven Bench, Forged
Diagram: Dwarven Bowl, Forged
Diagram: Dwarven Bowl, Forged Serving
Diagram: Dwarven Chandelier, Framework
Diagram: Dwarven Engine, Boiler
Diagram: Dwarven Goblet, Forged
Diagram: Dwarven Jar, Sealed
Diagram: Dwarven Jug, Sealed
Diagram: Dwarven Pipe, Corner
Diagram: Dwarven Pipe, Elbow
Diagram: Dwarven Pipe, Full Column
Diagram: Dwarven Pipe, Half Column
Diagram: Dwarven Pipe, Quarter Column
Diagram: Dwarven Pipeline, Column
Diagram: Dwarven Pipeline, Elbow
Diagram: Dwarven Pipeline, Junction
Diagram: Dwarven Plate, Forged
Diagram: Dwarven Table, Workbench
Diagram: Dwarven Valve, Disconnected
Diagram: Dwarven Vase, Forged
Diagram: Dwarven Vessel, Sealed
Diagram: Indoril Bellows, Practical
Diagram: Indoril Brazier, Knotwork
Diagram: Indoril Chandelier, Knotwork
Diagram: Indoril Chest, Fortified
Diagram: Indoril Footlocker, Fortified
Formula: Dres Censer, Chains
Formula: Dwarven Sconce, Framework
Formula: Indoril Candelabra, Shrine
Formula: Indoril Lantern, Hanging
Formula: Indoril Streetlight, Brick
Formula: Redoran Incense Holder, Ceramic Pan
Pattern: Dres Carpet, Fertile Peat
Pattern: Hlaalu Banner, Floral
Pattern: Hlaalu Bed, Double Pillow
Pattern: Hlaalu Bed, Single Pillow
Pattern: Hlaalu Carpet, Garden Moss
Pattern: Hlaalu Tapestry, Floral
Pattern: Hlaalu Towels, Folded
Pattern: Redoran Bed, Double Pillow
Pattern: Redoran Bed, Single Pillow
Pattern: Redoran Carpet, Volcanic Ash
Pattern: Redoran Mantle Cloth, Crimson Coverlet
Praxis: Dres Jar, Stoneflower
Praxis: Dres Teapot, Ceramic
Praxis: Dwarven Amphora, Sealed
Praxis: Dwarven Basin, Forged
Praxis: Hlaalu Jar, Garden Moss
Praxis: Indoril Incense Cup, Silver
Praxis: Redoran Jar, Jazbay

Purple plans:
Blueprint: Dres Divider, Chains
Blueprint: Dres Divider, Honeycomb
Blueprint: Dres Divider, Screen
Blueprint: Hlaalu Armchair, Mossy Cushion
Blueprint: Hlaalu Armchair, Polished
Blueprint: Hlaalu Bookcase, Orderly
Blueprint: Hlaalu Box, Trinket
Blueprint: Hlaalu Cabinet of Drawers, Clerk
Blueprint: Hlaalu Chest, Secure
Blueprint: Hlaalu Desk, Scholar’s
Blueprint: Hlaalu End Table, Formal Scales
Blueprint: Hlaalu End Table, Formal Turtle
Blueprint: Hlaalu Footlocker, Secure
Blueprint: Hlaalu Nightstand, Formal
Blueprint: Hlaalu Nightstand, Scholar’s
Blueprint: Hlaalu Sideboard, Low Cabinet
Blueprint: Hlaalu Sideboard, Scholar’s
Blueprint: Hlaalu Sideboard, Scribe’s
Blueprint: Hlaalu Table, Formal Floral
Blueprint: Hlaalu Table, Formal Turtle
Blueprint: Redoran Armchair, Sanded
Blueprint: Redoran Table, Formal Floral
Blueprint: Redoran Table, Formal Turtle
Design: Daedric Candles, Group
Design: Daedric Candles, Ritual Set
Design: Dres Cup, Empty Sujamma
Design: Dres Cup, Sujamma
Design: Dwarven Candlestick, Laboratory
Design: Dwarven Candlestick, Orrery
Design: Indoril Candelabra, Temple
Design: Indoril Candelabra, Temple Chamber
Design: Indoril Candle, Temple
Design: Redoran Cup, Empty
Design: Redoran Cup, Mazte
Diagram: Daedric Chandelier, Ritual
Diagram: Dwarven Boiler, Central
Diagram: Dwarven Chandelier, Barred
Diagram: Dwarven Chandelier, Braced
Diagram: Dwarven Chandelier, Caged
Diagram: Dwarven Engine, Fan
Diagram: Dwarven Engine, Switch
Diagram: Dwarven Engine, Turbine
Diagram: Dwarven Pew, Refined
Diagram: Dwarven Pipeline, Full Column
Diagram: Hlaalu Cannister, Trinket
Diagram: Hlaalu Sconce, Vellum
Diagram: Indoril Box, Trinket
Diagram: Indoril Brazier, Cauldron
Diagram: Indoril Brazier, Kettle
Diagram: Indoril Brazier, Pedestal
Diagram: Indoril Cannister, Trinket
Diagram: Indoril Cassone, Sealed
Diagram: Indoril Platter, Floral
Diagram: Indoril Vault, Sealed
Diagram: Redoran Incense Holder, Mesh
Diagram: Redoran Incense Pot, Beastly
Diagram: Redoran Plate, Floral
Diagram: Redoran Plate, Meal
Diagram: Redoran Steamer, Iron
Diagram: Redoran Tray, Floral
Diagram: Velothi Brazier, Temple
Formula: Daedric Brazier, Table
Formula: Dres Incense Stand, Chains
Formula: Dwarven Lamppost, Powered
Formula: Dwarven Lantern, Oil
Formula: Dwarven Sconce, Barred
Formula: Dwarven Sconce, Powered
Formula: Hlaalu Lantern, Classic Vellum
Formula: Hlaalu Lantern, Modest Vellum
Formula: Hlaalu Lantern, Oversized Vellum
Formula: Hlaalu Streetlight, Vellum
Formula: Indoril Sconce, Shrine
Formula: Indoril Sconce, Temple
Pattern: Dres Rug, Chains
Pattern: Dres Runner, Chains
Pattern: Hlaalu Bed, Canopy
Pattern: Hlaalu Bench, Mossy Cushion
Pattern: Hlaalu Settee, Mossy Cushion
Pattern: Hlaalu Stool, Mossy Cushion
Pattern: Indoril Banner, Almalexia
Pattern: Indoril Banner, Sotha Sil
Pattern: Indoril Banner, Vivec
Pattern: Indoril Carpet, Almalexia
Pattern: Indoril Carpet, Grand Almalexia
Pattern: Indoril Carpet, Grand Sotha Sil
Pattern: Indoril Carpet, Grand Vivec
Pattern: Indoril Carpet, Sotha Sil
Pattern: Indoril Carpet, Vivec
Pattern: Indoril Rug, Almalexia
Pattern: Indoril Rug, Sotha Sil
Pattern: Indoril Rug, Vivec
Pattern: Indoril Runner, Almalexia
Pattern: Indoril Runner, Sotha Sil
Pattern: Indoril Runner, Vivec
Pattern: Indoril Tapestry, Almalexia
Pattern: Indoril Tapestry, Sotha Sil
Pattern: Indoril Tapestry, Vivec
Pattern: Redoran Armchair, Fungal Cushion
Pattern: Redoran Bed, Canopy
Pattern: Redoran Bench, Fungal Cushion
Pattern: Redoran Mantle Cloth, Crimson Cover
Pattern: Redoran Stool, Fungal Cushion
Pattern: Redoran Table Runner, Gilded Ochre
Praxis: Daedric Base, Ashen
Praxis: Daedric Platform, Ashen
Praxis: Daedric Urn, Ashen
Praxis: Dwarven Bookcase, Full
Praxis: Dwarven Platform, Steps
Praxis: Dwarven Table, Assembly
Praxis: Dwarven Table, Refined
Praxis: Hlaalu Amphora, Sealed Orichalcum
Praxis: Hlaalu Cannister, Sealed Azurite
Praxis: Hlaalu Censer, Mesh
Praxis: Hlaalu Jar, Sealed Malachite
Praxis: Hlaalu Vase, Gilded
Praxis: Redoran Amphora, Sealed Marble
Praxis: Redoran Urn, Dusky Marble
Praxis: Redoran Urn, Pale Marble
Praxis: Telvanni Arched Light, Organic Azure
Praxis: Telvanni Armchair, Organic
Praxis: Telvanni Bed, Organic
Praxis: Telvanni Bookcase, Organic
Praxis: Telvanni Candelabra, Organic
Praxis: Telvanni Chair, Organic
Praxis: Telvanni Desk, Organic
Praxis: Telvanni End Table, Organic
Praxis: Telvanni Lamp, Organic Azure
Praxis: Telvanni Lantern, Organic Azure
Praxis: Telvanni Nightstand, Organic
Praxis: Telvanni Sconce, Organic Azure
Praxis: Telvanni Shelves, Organic
Praxis: Telvanni Sofa, Organic
Praxis: Telvanni Stool, Organic
Praxis: Telvanni Table Runner, Bordered Azure
Praxis: Telvanni Table Runner, Gilded Azure
Praxis: Telvanni Table, Organic Grand
Praxis: Telvanni Throne, Organic
Praxis: Tribunal Tablet of Almalexia

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