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ESO Reoptimizing Low-level Crafters

Clockwork update allowed us to return writs to any station – a very welcome change. But that change allows another twist. Earlier all writs practically had to be at the same level so that they were all returned to one place. Now each crafter can freely choose level of each profession separately from other professions, and still be able to return writs to their preferred place. No need to travel.

Especially this allows to do gear writs at levels 6..9, which were earlier impractical because provisioning max level is 6 and alchemy max level is 8.

2/3 of my crafters do max level writs and rest are supporting crafters doing writs at lower levels. Supporting crafters lack optimization for master writs. They only need to be leveled enough to have required amount of skill points.
After the CWC change i have reoptimized the low level crafters:

  • Spread gear writs evenly to levels 1..9 to use low level mats.
  • Spread provision writs evenly to levels 2..5 to get recipes.
  • Alchemy writs are all at max, level 8.
  • Enchanting writs are all at max, level 10.

Spreading the gear writs to below-max level reuses the low level mats from max level crafters. One crafter in account has to be at max level and it retrieves mats from surveys, recycling mats back to max level.

This is rather time-consuming for the whole cycle, but so is farming. Max level gear crafts are not sustainalbe and they need constantly more mats than survey maps from max level crafters produce. Also this uses up the low level mats, which would otherwise rot in craftbag.

Provisioners are recipe factories. There are plenty of level 1 and 6 recipes, but level 2..5 are rare. These crafters produce slowly epic recipes for max level crafters to increase their chances for master writs.

Alchemy and enchanting do not have any material recycling problems. Both professions are easy to optimize for master writs, so for these professions all crafters work at max level.

Some supporting crafters needed some leveling to gain more skill points, up to about 60 to be able to do level 9 gear crafts. Actually several of them are already veterans because of silly easy leveling during festivals.


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