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ESO Crafthouse has moved

Update 2018-05-01: The crafthouse has moved again to Coldharbour Surreal Estate. While Observatory could have fitted in few more set tables, it would have been very difficult to fit in all jewelry stations.

Awhile ago i was in PTS testing CWC update. In Clockwork City there is a house “Observatory Prior”. I was initially disappointed to it. Being one of the largest houses it had small-ish interior. And most of it was corridors. I tried to fit all the crafting tables to the large open area inside, straight opposite to entrance door. Well, the stations didn’t really fit. You can’t fit square tables into round hole. The floor was uneven and the tables are finicky of that.

Then, standing at the entrance lift, i looked up. There was inaccessible shelf-like area over the door to interior. Blimey! It was BIG and FLAT!

(the picture shows a grid of narrow planks i used to measure the area)
Well, it’s not quite big enough, but anyway this is the the biggest completely flat area in any houses available. There is a bit smaller flat area on the right side of the entrance, so there is room for growth.

All the munduses and basic craft stations fit on the entrance lift platform. Dye station found a place in the middle area of the “shelf”.

The Strident Spring Demesne was growing close to item max of 300 (i don’t have sub). It needed wooden platforms and “addressing system” because the tables were organized by area. All that i got rid of and now there is about 150 items in the house.

The interior is empty now. I’ll let it be like that. I bought the house with 12000 crowns because of the functionality it offers, albeit “hidden”. In Morrowind ZOS changed house decorating to unplayable money grab. Decorating is out of the question while in-game plans are not available. Oh wait, i do have one purely decorative item: the telescope from luxyry furniture vendor. So actually, now it’s decorated.

For once there is space around without invisible walls constricting. I have not yet found exact boundaries.

The current layout of Observatory Prior. Everything important is accessible from entrance.

Searching the extents. At the bottom there is a stone slab marking start of death zone. On the right side, halfway the tilted plank there is an invisible wall. Straight out i didn’t yet found the extent.

The large area inside is accessible right to the top.

Added several target dummies, single and groups.

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