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ESO Coldharbour Golf

How to keep doing some mandatory quests over and over, tens of times? For some quests i have added extra activities. E.g. In Coldharbour, Library of Dusk quest ends to a jump off a cliff and we float down to Telenger the Artifices to return the quest. Well, i turned that to a golf game and tried long time to get a “hole in one”. If i managed to land so close to Telenger that i could speak with him without moving, that was a hole in one. The quest is one of required to open northern Coldharbour.

The very first Harborage quest must be the most boring of all quests. I usually run after the Profet and around him to jump over the edge to suicide and run again, seeing how many suicides per Harborage1 i can do. Harborage quests give great XP at veteran level and give a skill point.

Rahjin’s mantle in Grahtwood quest turns always to Troll grind. The quest gives a skill point. Ondil in Auridon turns to leather grind and you meet Shalidor.

The Heart of Anumaril in Grahtwood, i scan every bookshelf. There is massive amount of skill books there. You also get a skill point from the quest.

Velyn Harbour in Malabal Tor i always listen trough Sergeant Linaarie’s dialog and her sarcasm. The town is enemy territory until freed. I use Velyn harbour a lot for crafting already and it is the fastest place to do writs. After Clockwork City update i move all my writmakers there.

The easiest skill point comes from Belarata in southern Malabal Tor. Loot every container.

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