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ESO Helediron gang 2017

Alts 2017
Leveling alts has always been easy and relaxing experience for me. But looking them all together, i get a feeling i might have overdone it.

Between the pictures is a short history of the alts.


Helediron is the original account. I did everything in the game: crafting, quests, delves, leveling, dungeons and trials. I had a private hobby of soloing Craglorn delves at VR14.

At some point crafting started to take bigger part than everything else. I usually get bored of all the hacking and slashing in games at some point. Crafting has been traditionally the long, patient part in MMOs, which i find attractive.

When Tamriel Unlimited arrived, there were some dirt cheap original licenses for sale in those game seller sites. I bought some to get inventory mules. My first account was already full.

That led to a problem, how to expand beyond one account? I wanted some new alts for builds i didn’t have.

After long planning i decided to move all crafting to my mule account, Helestor. That allowed the old account to collect all BoP gear and dedicate to optimized builds while all crafting mats went to crafting account.


You might have seen them sprinting around Belkarth(EU).

Making a completely new main crafter cost 20M gold alone. I systematically leveled all toons in the account one by one. The old main crafter was able to feed traits to newbies on-demand. Within a year they were all reaching 8 traits and were doing max level writs.

The division between two accounts worked really well. Questers and fighters had room for all the new gear. Although i was still farming with old master crafter, i kept shipping all mats to crafting account.

There was also a completely new opportunity: optimize the crafters for writcrafting. They didn’t need space for gear, potions nor monster helmets. They were carrying trait items and premanufactured writ items. They wear speed gear with Steed mundus. They can put all skill points to crafting because they don’t fight.


Crafters wear different hats depending on their status.

As part of making new completionist master crafter i needed recipes from all levels. Since the second account was doing max level writs i took my third account and turned them to crafters working at below max level writs. Although working at lower levels i made them all max level crafters. And with the new CP system they all turned to max cp level overnight.

Then came master writs. And i had 24 dedicated crafters. In fact i had still 8 capable crafters in the oldest account. So the first month, while voucher drop rates were high, i ran daily writs with 32 crafters.

Well, there is fourth account, @Helester with 14 little crafters, but i decided to let them be for now.
Update 2017-12-6: The fourth acount is on it’s way to veteran crafters.

Currently i am running writs with only one account few times per week. Helestor has twelve nine trait crafters. They earn about 20% more vouchers than 8trait crafters, so i run only the most efficient part of the “factory”, to have vouchers for next DLC.

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