Helediron Blog feature: Clockwork City

ESO Helediron crafthouse

Crafting house of @helediron, all set crafting stations and all mundus stones.

Update 2017-11-28: The house moved to Observatory Prior. Stations are now sorted alphabetically.

New map:

Original Post:

Shortlink to 5000×5000 map: l.fizban.fi/ch

Stations are arranged by their location in Tamriel. Coarsely, All DLC area stations are on left side. Stations from common areas are at right and on right side of the house. Stations from five alliance areas are at the back of the house.

Stations from each area are on one wooden platform. Each platform has a streetlamp and something hanging that tries to indicate the area. E.g. platform for Earth Forge stations have Fighter’s Guild banner.

Left: DLC areas
W, Wrothgar: Julianos, Morkuldin, Trial by Fire
HB, Hew’s Bane: Clever Alchemist, Eternal Hunt, Tava’s Favor
CG, Cold Coast: Kvatch Gladiator, Pelinal’s Aptitude, Varen’s Legacy
VV. VVardenfell: Assassin’s Guile, Daedric Trickery, Shacklebreaker
CC. Clockwork City: Innate Axiom, Fortified Brass, Mechanical Acuity

Right: Common areas
IC, Imperial City: Armor Master, Noble’s Conquest, Redistributor
FG, Fighters Guild: Kagrenac’s Hope, Orgnum’s Scales
MG, Mages Guild: Eyes of Mara, Shalidor’s Curse

Forward: Mundus stones
Mundus stones are scattered on the front of the house. Pool stones are by the pool, crit and regen on right and the rest en route to the house.

Forward, right side of house: Common areas
Cr: Craglorn: Twice-Born Star, Way of the Arena
CH: Coldharbour: Oblivion’s Foe, Spectre’s Eye

Behind house: Alliance areas – the five areas in Aldmeri, Eborheart and Daggerfall alliances.
A5: Night Mother, Hunding’s Rage, Willow’s Path
A4: Alessia’s Bulwark, Song of Lamae, Vampire’s Kiss
A3: Hist Bark, Magnus’ Gift, Whitestrake’s Retribution
A2: Torug’s Pact, Twilight’s Embrace, Seducer
A1: Ashen Grip, Death’s Wind, Night’s Silence

List of sets and their location.
Alessia’s Bulwark A4
Armor Master IC
Armor of the Seducer A2
Ashen Grip A1
Assassin’s Guile VV
Clever Alchemist HB
Daedric Trickery VV
Death’s Wind A1
Eternal Hunt HB
Eyes of Mara MG
Fortified Brass CC
Hist Bark A3
Hunding’s Rage A5
Innate Axiom CC
Kagrenac’s Hope FG
Kvatch Gladiator CG
Law of Julianos W
Magnus’ Gift A3
Mechanical Acuity CC
Morkuldin W
Night Mother’s Gaze A5
Night’s Silence A1
Noble’s Conquest IC
Oblivion’s Foe CH
Orgnum’s Scales FG
Pelinal’s Aptitude CG
Redistributor IC
Shacklebreaker VV
Shalidor’s Curse MG
Song of Lamae A4
Spectre’s Eye CH
Tava’s Favor HB
Torug’s Pact A2
Trial by Fire W
Twice-Born Star Cr
Twilight’s Embrace A2
Vampire’s Kiss A4
Varen’s Legacy CG
Way of the Arena Cr
Whitestrake’s Retribution A3
Willow’s Path A5

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