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ESO Refining history

This is a table of documented raw material refinings in ESO, starting from year 2015.


  • Raw: amount of raw materials. This summary has combined all types and levels to one number.
  • Refined: how much refined material came out.
  • Gold: how many golden/legendary improvements dropped
  • Purple: how many purple/epic improvements dropped
  • Blue: how many blue improvements dropped
  • Green: how many green improvements dropped
  • Gold%: shows gold drop% of each batch.

The drop rate percent is calculated from refinements. Every refinement takes ten materials. E.g. first line gas 8790 materials and therefore 879 refinements.

Here is the Gold% column as graph:

This is a summary of all refinements, which i have documented. There is maybe another half million mats i’ve refined without writing down the results.

  • All types of mats have equal droprates.
  • All levels of mats have equal drop rates.
  • All places and tables have equal drop rate.
  • Imperials are not lucky.
  • Time of day or location population does not matter.
  • Interrupting and restarting does not help.
  • I have refined five goldens in a row.
  • I have refined 3000 mats in a row without a single golden.
  • I regularly see three goldens dropping within few seconds.
  • I regularly see no golden in a row of 1000 mats.

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