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I have purchased several batches of Morrowind furniture plans. I buy 50 at a time and check how many new ones i learn and how many were old duplicates. The… Read more »

Main crafter furniture plans status at 2018-02-17: Total numbers (from Furniture Catalogue addon): 1393 known craftable plans 22 unknown craftable plans Known plans Current list of unknown plans below. There… Read more »

Some statistics about master writ drop rates: Master Writ droprates 2018-01 The statistics represent a single very good crafter doing writs one and half year. In fact they are combination… Read more »

ESO lighting furnitures have been rather annoying. They have glare but do not much spread light around. But now there are perfect lights. Sadly they are no longer available since… Read more »

My crafthouse has a Clockwork Furniture Fair, showing nearly all Clockwork furniture items (Until 12th February 2018). You can visit the house in PC EU from Harrods guild. I am… Read more »

Ashes of Creation

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Waiting Alpha 1 to start in 2018.


Images moved

Images have moved from old file based address eso.fizban.fi to Piwigo-based repository at i.fizban.fi . Images are now accessible directly from the blog top menu, IMAGES The images in old… Read more »

Awhile ago i was in PTS testing CWC update. In Clockwork City there is a house “Observatory Prior”. I was initially disappointed to it. Being one of the largest houses… Read more »

No change in gold drops at Clockwork City update. Refining results: PTS 2017-10-12


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